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July 26, 2010


I love the last pic the best. Hmmm I wonder what he was thinking? Kind of has that "WTF" look on his face, hope Pages of 8+2 is not rubbing off on him. Enjoy the ride Melissa, it goes around way too fast.

AS always, terrific photos!

loved this post & loved the pics...can you believe he's 7 months old? time is going too fast!!!

sweet mother of god, how GORGEOUS is that boy?!?!? Mom and Dad look like they're doing very well, you look healthy and VERY happy! how the hell does time manage to speed up so much?? it sucks we've been out of touch, I want to see you guys! I text messaged the cell phone on your anniversary and wanted to call, but was in Cape Breton and by the time I remembered again, it was probably too late, so I didn't call. when are you headed to the Cape again? I'm going up this weekend for a wedding, and every weekend until probably mid October! YIKES! talk soon. xxoo

I'm with Josee...that last pic is priceless! I love it! Great post, Melissa...glad you guys had such a great time camping! xo

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